Year of the Guest

Don't Become Road-Kill
On The Highway To Prosperity

In a Nutshell ...

Noted restaurant marketers Bill Marvin (The Restaurant Doctor) and Joel Cohen of the Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group, have declared the next twelve months as The Official Year of the Guest. They believe there are still some tough times ahead and that operators must return the focus to their guests and the experience that diners have in the restaurant if they are to prosper in the months to come.

To do this, they have developed a series of 50 proven tips, delivered once a week by e-mail, that will help you enhance personal connection, increase frequency, develop positive word-of-mouth on the street, build party size, create the WOW and make your operation more guest-friendly.

All it takes to become part of the program is a minimal $48 donation to benefit the American Culinary Federation's Chef and Child Foundation, the national organization that taps the resources of the hospitality industry to end childhood hunger. In some cases, the beneficiary will be your state restaurant association's Education Foundation.

Getting all this inside information for a few bucks is a no-brainer. Sign me up!
Click here to participate in this great Year Of The Guest program and start getting your weekly YOGA (Year of Guest Awareness) Exercise by e-mail.

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Program Information

"The Year of the Guest program ... helped us put together pre-shift meetings and discuss topics that really make a difference. You will never have to worry about what you are going to talk about with your staff every week. It is well worth the money."
-- Wasfi Samaan, J.D. Legends, Nicholasville, KY

"My staff looks forward to each YOGA Exercise and we have implemented several WOW ideas that had an immediate positive impact on our guests. Bill and Joel bring the details home in a way that makes you want to implement every idea they present."
-- Tom Boucher, Cactus Jack's, Bedford, NH

"The Year of the Guest e-mails are concise and right on target. I actually look forward to receiving them and promptly forward the insights along to my fellow managers. They always spark interesting and productive conversations on how we can better serve our guests."
-- Paul Cunningham, Schreiner's Restaurant, Fond du Lac, WI

"The Year of the Guest provides owners, managers and other key staff with a fresh perspective on their daily routine and a re-energized dedication to the art of hospitality. The stories, ideas, and tips help you to sharpen your focus [on] the little things that make up the dining experience."
-- Siobhan Reidy, The Irish Rover, Louisville, KY

"We received some great ideas and motivators for a small cost. What more could you ask for?"
-- Charlie Mallar, The 1785 Inn, North Conway, NH

"Year of the Guest is a great deal. Not every idea applies to my business but the number and quality of ideas is spectacular. From simple things that can be implemented immediately to long term projects for the entire staff, just one of the ideas can easily pay for the whole program."
-- David Bookstaff, J.T. Whitney's Pub, Madison, WI